Marker Tag

RFID Marker Tag UHF Blue

Product Description

SCAN~LINK Passive RFID Marker Tags are capable of alerting a vehicle operator when the vehicle is approaching specially marked inanimate objects. This reduces the chances of an expensive collision between the vehicle and an object which could potentially damage both and also result in personal injury.

Marker Tags are suitable for marking the position of static infrastructure such as pipes, bridge columns, transformers, open pits, etc. Although these objects do not move around on a work site, they may not be easily visible to an operator sitting inside of a large vehicle. The operator is alerted by a unique audio prompt whenever a Marker Tag is detected, helping the operator differentiate between a person and an object. Marker Tags withstand exposure to mineral oil, petroleum, salt mist, vegetable oil, and up to 80% humidity at 70°C.

Armour Passive RFID Beam Patterns Antenna Scanner ti detect workers on a jobsite in the danger back up zone of heavy mobile equipment

Product Specifications

RFID Marker Tag UHF Blue

Rigid Marker Tag

Durable and small passive RFID tag that can be detected up to 4m.
Detection: up to 13 feet / 4 meters
Material: PC/ABS high impact
Dimension: 3.8” x 1.1” x 0.6” / 9.652cm x 2.794cm x 1.524cm

RFID Asset Tag Long Range UHF Grey

Rigid Marker Tag – Long Range

UHF passive RFID tag that can be detected up to 10m.
Detection up to 32 feet / 10 meters
Material: ABS
Dimension: 8.27” x 4.33” x 0.82” / 21cm x 11cm x 2.08cm

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