RFID Detection System

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Take control of what you detect on the jobsite. Invest in one system that will protect, without false positives, not only your ground workers, but also contractors and visitors to your worksite. By outfitting personnel with SCAN~LINK Armour equipped Safety Vests and Hard Hats, both your equipment operator and ground workers are alerted when personnel enter the Danger Zone.

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SCAN~LINK Armour RFID Safety System Single Node | Back up and Proximity Safety System

Single Node Unit

The SCAN~LINK Armour System™ utilizes RFID to alert a driver of the reversing vehicle that a ground worker is behind them and extra caution is required.

Passive RFID Armour System Dual Node Proximity Back Up used to detect workers on a jobsite in the danger back up zone of heavy mobile equipment

Dual Node Unit

The SCAN~LINK Armour Dual Node System utilizes RFID to alert the driver that a ground worker is in the danger zones. Using 2 Antennas increases the detection zone.

Passive RFID Safety Apparel Vest Hard Hat Kit workers wear to be detected on a jobsite in the danger back up zone of heavy mobile equipment


The SCAN~LINK Armour System™ is able to differentiate between a person and an object using programmed, passive UHF RFID tags in the SCAN~LINK safety apparel.

RFID Marker Tag UHF Blue

Marker Tag

SCAN~LINK’s passive Marker Tag is the most advanced general-purpose UHF tag available in the market.



The Telematics Interface Unit (TIU) collects and stores granular data such as; date, time, location and apparel type which can be associated to a particular person. The SCAN~LINK applications interface delivers HMI telemetry, geofencing, automated dashboards and event reporting, real-time alerts, and scalable data warehousing to enable input into enterprise AI machine learning solutions.

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