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With a diverse fleet of equipment performing a broad range of operations, the SCAN~LINK Armour System has proven its applicability for this versatile industry. No matter what the task, ground workers are kept safe with no false-positives for the operator. SCAN~LINK offers a complete turnkey solution for personnel detection around mobile equipment.

SCAN~LINK Technologies Inc. provides our customers with expert and educated advice regarding backup safety solutions for Municipals.

Our services include:

  • Professional advice to help determine your needs
  • Assistance in choosing the correct product for the application
  • On-site installation services
  • Full training programs on how to correctly utilize the products
  • Technical support
  • R&D for custom applications

SCAN~LINK works with companies that want to:

  • Be in compliance with safety regulations
  • Increase safety to maintain productivity and decrease personal injury and fatalities
  • Be at the forefront of safety practices
  • Seek and implement innovative safety technologies

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SCAN~LINK Armour RFID Safety System Single Node | Back up and Proximity Safety System

Single Node Unit

The SCAN~LINK Armour System utilizes RFID to alert a driver of the reversing vehicle that a ground worker is behind them and extra caution is required.

Passive RFID Armour System Dual Node Proximity Back Up used to detect workers on a jobsite in the danger back up zone of heavy mobile equipment

Dual Node Unit

The SCAN~LINK Armour Dual Node System™ utilizes RFID to alert the driver that a ground worker is in the danger zones. Using 2 Antennas increases the detection zone.

Passive RFID Safety Apparel Vest Hard Hat Kit workers wear to be detected on a jobsite in the danger back up zone of heavy mobile equipment


The SCAN~LINK Armour System™ is able to differentiate between a person and an object using programmed, passive UHF RFID tags in the SCAN~LINK safety apparel.

RapidPair USB Dongle to communicate with Passive RFID Antenna Scanner of RFID Armour System

Rapid Pair

The RapidPair™ Software with USB Dongle allows the user to configure, maintain, and monitor their SCAN~LINK Armour Systems™.

Armour Passive RFID Beam Patterns Antenna Scanner ti detect workers on a jobsite in the danger back up zone of heavy mobile equipment

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