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SCAN~LINK Armour RFID Safety System Single Node | Back up and Proximity Safety System

Single Node Unit

The SCAN~LINK Armour System™ utilizes RFID to alert the driver of the reversing vehicle that a ground worker is behind them and extra caution is required, creating a safer work environment.

Passive RFID Armour System Dual Node Proximity Back Up used to detect workers on a jobsite in the danger back up zone of heavy mobile equipment

Dual Node Unit

The SCAN~LINK Armour Dual Node System™ utilizes RFID to alert the driver that a ground worker is in the danger zones. Using 2 Antennas increases the detection zone.

RFID Yellow Mesh Safety Vest


The ground workers and visitors on an Armour Equipped Job Site wearing an Armour RFID tagged Safety Vest and/or Hard Hat will be detected by the SCAN~LINK Armour System™.

RFID Marker Tag UHF Blue

Marker Tag

SCAN~LINK Passive RFID Marker Tags are capable of alerting the operator of the vehicle when they are approaching strategically marked objects or locations.

Passive RFID Tag Health Tester in a Pelican Case tests the health of the RFID Safety Vest and Hard Hat

Tag Health Tester

The Tag Health Tester is an integral part of the SCAN~LINK platform which allows for the testing of all RFID tags in a piece of SCAN~LINK Safety apparel, thereby ensuring that the tags are still present and functioning properly.

RapidPair USB Dongle to communicate with Passive RFID Antenna Scanner of RFID Armour System


The RapidPair™ Software with USB Dongle allows the user to configure, maintain, and monitor their SCAN~LINK Armour Systems™.