Machine used to warn man...
          Now man can warn the machine.

About Us

SCAN~LINK manufactures and distributes the Armour Safety System and backup safety products for mobile equipment. We offer our customers turnkey solutions for backup safety within their fleets. Our services to our customers include:

  • Professional advice to help determine their needs
  • Assistance in choosing the correct product for the application
  • On-site installation services
  • Full training programs on how to correctly utilize the products
  • Technical support
  • R&D for custom applications

SCAN~LINK Technologies Inc. was established in 2009 by Uwe Schaible and Jonathan Fava. The patented SCAN~LINK Armour system was developed using over 17 years of hands-on experience providing installation of and training for various back-up safety systems and technologies. Over 15 years of prior engineering experience is behind the underlying technology of the system. Part of that experience includes the development of a patented ultra-sonic obstacle detection system for vehicle safety which was rated “Best Buy” by Consumer Reports magazine. SCAN~LINK Technologies Inc. provides our customers with expert and educated advice regarding back-up safety solutions. We offer our customers specialized and custom solutions because we understand that every company has its own unique requirements for back-up safety needs. We are a leader in RFID personnel detection and are continuously developing new and custom applications.

SCAN~LINK works with companies that want to:

  • Be in be compliance with safety regulations
  • Increase safety to maintain productivity and decrease personal injury and fatalities
  • Be on the forefront of safety practices
  • Seek and implement innovative safety technologies